What is The Design Coven? 
The Design Coven is an Interior Design Mentorship where you can learn from practicing interior designers working on real life projects. Get access to cutting edge vendors, suppliers, furniture makers, textile designers and design resources that I have curated over my 17 years of design experience, and begin to build valuable relationships of your own. The vibe: a design process that incorporates mindfulness, intention, and wellness to support your clients with a strong sense of home that allows them to go out into the world and do their best. Anything's possible when you combine your intuition with your sense of design - connect with a supportive community of like-minded people already in the design world and those wanting to enter the field.
033: Introduction to the Design Coven
Bewitching the Home Podcast
Who is Rachel Larraine Crawford?
Rachel is a Design Mystic who creates sacred space through Holistic Interior Design and Feng Shui practices. The host of the design podcast Bewitching the Home, Rachel empowers her community to align their home spaces energetically to their higher selves.

With 17+ years experience in the field, Rachel aims to be the initiator of a spark that helps her clients and students feel liberated, open, and expansive. Since earning her Associate's Degree and Certificate in Interior Design in 2005 and being certified in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui through the International School of Feng Shui, she has created and collaborated on a multitude of award-winning residential and commercial spaces, including Realm of the 52 Remedies (with Onairos Design).

In the Design Coven, you'll get:
  • Clarity on exactly what you want to do in the design industry
  • The benefit of learning from seasoned Interior Designers so you don't make the same mistakes they did
  • To be a part of a strong community of Holistic Interior Designers and build trusted relationships with peers and industry partners
  • An exclusive high quality resource list of dependable contractors
  • Insider access to a curated vendor library of furniture, finishes, art and accessories
  • An introduction to showrooms and artists who know and fully support you
  • The confidence and enthusiasm to network at any industry event
  • Connected with a fun group of people to go to design events with
What makes this community different from other design communities?
You'll have direct access to Rachel, active Interior Designers, Contractors and professionals in the design industry to answer your questions and offer one on one mentorship. Get behind the scenes insights at the job site for the Design Coven to learn from. 
Rachel connects you directly to her network of vendors and suppliers with whom she has built a 17yr plus relationship. She takes out the awkwardness out of networking by going to events together under her wing.

We have an extremely supportive community where we share our resources, wins and struggles so we can lift us all up. Our membership is always open and available on a month to month basis.
Great! I want to learn from real world Interior Designers and get access to the exclusive design community
Choose your element
Monthly LIVE group with Rachel: intention setting and check in (will be recorded if you can not make it LIVE)
Monthly LIVE Industry Panel 1: themed discussion and Q & A with Interior Designers and / or Contractors (will be recorded if you can not make it LIVE)
Monthly LIVE Industry Panel 2: Product Training w/ Q & A (will be recorded if you can not make it LIVE)
Online private forum to nurture relationships with the Design Coven community
Access to secret Stories behind the scenes 
Curated vendor library 
Opportunities for branding and marketing workshops by Clear Quartz Creative
Everything in the Air Element +
+ Monthly In Person Showroom Tour
+ Monthly In Person Design or Artist Tour
+ Quarterly Shadow Day with an Interior Designer 
+ Special Events w/ San Diego Architectural Foundation
Everything in Air or Earth Element +
+ Monthly 1 hour One on One mentorship zoom meeting with Rachel Larraine Crawford 
+ Opportunity to purchase additional One on One mentorship hours with Rachel or Chantelle Andercastle the biz strategist + web designer of Clear Quartz Creative